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Allen, Texas is a wonderful place to live and raise kids, but when it comes to housing costs there is no comparison to the national average. Home costs and apartment rents are huge. If you are a homeowner, you also have to consider property taxes, mortgage insurance, home insurance and home maintenance costs. The list is almost endless, so it’s understandable that you might be running a little short of cash at one time or another. If you are hit with a number of bills at one time, you may find title loans Allen to be a wonderful resource for supplemental income when you need it the most. Undoubtedly, if you work for one of the larger employers in the area like Experian, AT&T or Photronics, you probably have one or more vehicles in your family, which could be used as collateral to secure a car title loan. Allen Title Finance Inc. offers a good deal with simple applications, convenient services, good rates and fast loan funds, which may be used for anything the borrower needs or wants.

How To Apply

What Type of Information Is Required on a Title Loan Application?

The application form requires your basic contact information and some auto information, which includes:

• Your telephone number and your name.

• The make of your auto and the model and body style. Additionally, we need the year it was manufactured and a mileage estimate.

What Will I Need to Be Considered for a Vehicle Title Loan?

• A vehicle that is fully paid off and in working order. The title to your vehicle will be used to secure your loan.

• The paper copy of your car title. In order to approve applicants, titles must be free of liens. Your name must also appear on the title as the vehicle owner.

• A paycheck stub or other documentation, which provides proof that you have a source of money for repaying a loan.

When and Where Can I Apply for a Loan?

The best time to apply for title loans Allen is when you realize you need some extra cash. You have access to a number of methods to submit an application any time it’s convenient for you.

1. If the nearest loan store is just a short drive away, we would be glad to meet with you in person to help you to complete an application.

2. We would be happy to take your application information over the phone whenever you have the time.

3. You can always get on your computer to fill out a short online application located on our website.


Highlights About Title Loans Allen

No Credit Check Required

Most folks are stunned to learn that Allen Title Finance Inc. doesn’t require a credit check as part of their loan procedures. Yes, it’s true! It really doesn’t matter whether you have the worst or even the best credit. We never pull credit checks because loans are secured.

You Hold Onto Your Vehicle

Some auto title lenders feel the need to hold onto vehicles during the loan term, however, we don’t choose to do so. Borrowers need their vehicles to drive to work, attend school and run errands. So there are no driving restrictions when making loan payments.

Large Loan Amounts With Great Rates

Borrowers enjoy bigger loan amounts and the best possible loan rates after securing their loans as an added bonus.

Instant Loan Offers

We tell you upfront just how much cash you could receive after applying for title loans Allen. No need to worry or wait with instant loan offers.

We’re Available

We think folks appreciate great customer service and convenience, so we have nearby loan stores in Allen, and you can always get in touch with us by phone.

How it Works

Applying for Auto Title Loans

Most people are genuinely pleased to discover that they won’t be required to provide lots of documentation or have to take time off of work just to apply. We give borrowers the ability to decide when and how they will apply to keep it easy and fast.

Interviewing With Your Loan Representative

Allen Title Finance Inc. firmly believes that we save time and money by conducting loan interviews over the phone. You save the hassles of driving to an office, and we can contact and qualify folks over the phone fast.

Since our system utilizes your car title to secure the loan, we are fairly confident that you’ll make a great effort to repay the loan. However, we still need to verify that you have a bit of income to cover payments. So you’ll want to have your income information on hand when you get a call from a loan representative.

It’s also helpful if you know approximately how much money you have left after paying your monthly bills. You’ll want this figure when choosing a sound repayment plan that fits in nicely with your budget.

Closing Your Loan

Congratulations, if you made it this far, you have been approved for a car title loan. Your last step in the title loan process is to meet with a representative at an Allen title loan store to review and sign your contract. Be sure you bring along your car title to close the loan deal.

Allen Title Finance Inc. will hand you a contract to read over, which is written according to Texas vehicle title loan regulations. These regulations are put in place to help consumers understand their financial obligations and the rates they are agreeing to in their contracts. Typically, contracts will include:

• The total amount of money you are financing.

• The interest rate on the loan.

• The amount of money you will pay in interest.

• An explanation of what could happen if a borrower fails to make their payments.

• The length of your loan.

• Any applicable loan fees.

• A handy repayment schedule for making payments.

After answering your questions and signing the contract, we will distribute your loan funds.

Whether you need cash for property taxes or money for groceries, we can help with title loans Allen.